Mastering the Art: How to Put Snowboards on Roof Rack Like a Pro

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Introduction : 

How To Put Snowboards On Roof Rack

Snowboarding enthusiasts understand the thrill of chasing the perfect powder. However, the journey to the snow-covered slopes often involves transporting your snowboards safely. One effective method is using a roof rack. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of how to put snowboards on a roof rack securely, ensuring a smooth and worry-free journey.

Selecting the Perfect Roof Rack: 

Before we get into the details of properly securing your snowboards, it’s essential to make sure you’ve chosen the right roof rack for your vehicle. Roof racks come in various types, such as crossbars, side rails, and roof baskets. Consider your vehicle’s specifications and your specific needs to choose the most suitable option.

Getting to Know Your Snowboard: 

Snowboards vary in both shape and size, offering riders a diverse range of options to suit their preferences and riding styles. To ensure a secure fit on the roof rack, it’s essential to understand the dimensions and weight of your snowboard. Take accurate measurements, including the width and length, to prepare for the proper placement on the roof.

Preparing Your Roof Rack :

Preparing Your Roof Rack

A clean and well-maintained roof rack is key to a successful journey.Before you load up your snowboards, take a moment to give your roof rack a thorough cleaning and check for any signs of wear or damage. This simple yet crucial step ensures a safe and enjoyable journey to the slopes. Adjust the rack to accommodate the size of your snowboard, ensuring a perfect fit.

Gathering the Necessary Tools : 

To make the process smoother, gather the necessary tools beforehand. You’ll likely need straps, bungee cords, and possibly a soft rack to protect your snowboards during transport. Ensuring you have everything readily available can save you both time and the frustration of searching for tools and supplies.

Step-by-Step Guide to Putting Snowboards on Roof Rack

1. Positioning the Snowboards: Place the snowboards on the roof rack with the bindings facing each other.

2. Securing the Bindings: Use straps to secure the bindings to the roof rack tightly.

3. Centering the Load: Ensure an even distribution of weight by centering the load on the roof rack.

4. Adding Extra Security: Use bungee cords or additional straps to provide extra security.

5. Double-Checking Tightness: Before hitting the road, double-check the tightness of all straps to prevent any movement during transit.

Securing Multiple Snowboards

Securing Multiple Snowboards

For those traveling with a group, securing multiple snowboards on a roof rack is a common scenario. Stacking them neatly and using additional straps between the boards can prevent any unwanted shifting during the journey.

Dealing with Unusual Situations

Adverse weather conditions or unexpected challenges may arise. In the event of rain or snow, it’s advisable to opt for waterproof covers to provide an extra layer of protection. Should you come across any challenges throughout the procedure, it’s essential to stay composed and tackle them methodically.

Ensuring a Tight Fit

Ensuring a Tight Fit

A snug fit is crucial for preventing damage to your snowboards and ensuring a safe journey. Take the time to adjust the straps and confirm that everything is securely in place before hitting the road.

Tips for Driving with Snowboards on Roof Rack

Driving with snowboards on the roof rack requires some adjustments to your driving style. Be mindful of the increased height of your vehicle, especially when entering low-clearance areas. Additionally, reduce your speed and drive cautiously, keeping in mind the extra load on the roof.

Maintenance and Care

Regular maintenance of your roof rack is essential for its longevity. Clean it after each use, and if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, consider storing the roof rack indoors during the off-season to prevent deterioration.

Benefits of Properly Secured Snowboards

Beyond the immediate task at hand, properly securing your snowboards on a roof rack offers long-term benefits. It enhances safety on the road, protecting both your equipment and those around you. Moreover, it safeguards your investment in high-quality snowboards.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While putting snowboards on a roof rack might seem straightforward, common mistakes can lead to damage or accidents. Avoid over-tightening the straps, as this can damage your boards, and always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for your roof rack.

Community Tips and Tricks

The snowboarding community is full of experienced enthusiasts willing to share their tips and tricks. Consider joining online forums or social media groups where fellow snowboarders exchange valuable insights. Learning from the experiences of others can enrich your own snowboarding journey.

Frequently Asked Questions On How to Put Snowboards on Roof Rack

1. Can I transport my snowboard without a roof rack?

   – While possible, using a roof rack is recommended for safety and convenience.

2. What if my snowboard is longer than my roof rack?

   – Consider upgrading to a longer roof rack or transporting diagonally if the difference is minimal.

3. How often should I check the tightness of the straps during a journey?

   – It’s recommended to inspect the straps regularly. Time you stop for a break or every couple of hours.

4. Are there specific roof racks designed for snowboards?

   – Some roof racks are designed with snowboards in mind, offering added features for secure transport.

5. Can I transport other equipment on the roof rack with my snowboards?

   – Yes, but ensure that everything is securely strapped down to avoid any movement during transit.


In conclusion, putting snowboards on a roof rack is a practical skill that every snowboarding enthusiast should master. By choosing the right roof rack, understanding your snowboard, and following a systematic process, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable journey to the mountains. Remember to drive cautiously, perform regular maintenance, and benefit from the wisdom of the snowboarding community.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases